• Some of our most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

    Q: Hi there I am very tall, (1.99m). Do you have scooters that would accomodate handle bars tall enough for my height? Also are the handle bars 'collapsable' i.e can the scooter fold down for transporting? Cheers Stu.

    A: As it stands the standard 'fixed' height of our handle bars from ground to top of handlebar is 1 metre. The handle bars do not fold up, only the scooter itself folds in half for ease of transportation.  Our scooter products are made from quality spectrum ply that is essentially a 'modular' joinery design. To introduce folding handle bars etc would involve some serious engineering work which we do not offer at this point.

    Q: Hi, I'm looking at the scooter for myself and my husband to use, to scoot the kids to school. I am happy that the scooter would be perfect for my height/weight, but am a little unsure about my husband who is 6'4" and 118kg. I think from memory the recommended weight was up to 100kg?

    A: Thanks for your enquiry. The 100kg limit I put on our scooters is the recommended guideline for our own manufacture guarantee's to be met, plus for general safety reasons. They can go beyond that but a line has to be drawn somewhere for all concerned. What I would recommend in this scenario is a custom made model, which would entail some alterations to reinforce the strength if higher loading is required. We do custom make for customers if required.

    Q: Hi I am a 64 year old woman, I am looking at a kick scooter for getting around the town etc where I live. What is the latest model you have? I'm reasonably fit and do you think this is suitable for an oldie like me? Thanks Loretta

    A: Yes, of course 64 years of age and being fit and healthy should not be a problem at all. Ive even attached a photo of my own mother who at over 70 is using one of my scooters on a day out. And another photo of my 67 year old 'father in law' riding his in California.

    Q: Do these scooters fold up? Thanks, Tim.

    A: Yes, our Latest S model can quickly fold up for easy storage utilising a NEW push button pin system. They other models fold in half by releasing a spring plunger mechanism & unscrewing a triangular safety knob found under the footplate. 

    Q: Still looking at purchasing one of your scooters but have just looked at the natural eco wax and see it has bees wax in it. Do you have an alternative wax to finish with for a vegan like me? Love the idea of wood and eco. Loretta

    A: I would recommend you use a favourite natural oil on all the leading and exposed ply edges. Like any natural wood product it is important to repel moisture as much as possible for longevity.  

    Q: Hi, How strong do you think they are?, I wonder if something went wrong with it ( I am very careful with things and would garage it etc) do you replace etc within a reasonable time frame?  Appreciate your help. John

    A:  We stipulate a 100kg max capacity. As our scooters are completely 'modular' and made ONLY by us right here in Nelson NZ, spare parts are not a problem should they be needed, and this includes the components we don't make such as wheels, tyres, brakes, handgrips etc. All parts we don't make come via our local bike shop supplier who give us a 1 year back up warranty. Please note, we fully back our OWN workmanship for the life of the scooter , EXCLUDING general wear & tear via the customer. However, general maintenance does become the owners responsibility as with anything.

    Q: Hi, is there any locking device included? 

    A: No, there is no locking device. We recommend most people lock them up with the usual bike type locks through the steering column or through a wheel. I will say though that to steal these scooters would involve ruining the scooter by either cutting through a critical area of the ply itself. As we 'record' all sales.....I would soon know of anyone ordering spare parts who never originally purchased a scooter.

    Q: Can I pay using PayPal? 

    A: Yes you can pay via PayPal and all the protection that implies. 

    Q: Is there a Beeswax sealer alternative?  

    A: I would recommend maybe your favourite furniture oil then. Something to repel any water retention for the sake of longevity, applied say once a month depending on use. ANY natural timber product requires good care, nothing is indestructible if neglected.

    Q: How strong are these scooters?

    A: After 2 years of field testing has been done using riders from child weight to adults up to 120kgs. No spectrum scooters have ever broken when used as designed! I set the weight recommendation at no more than 100 kgs just to be on the safe side with a warning sticker under the base . We also use time tested braking systems retro fitted from standard bike parts,.ie. quality caliper and V brakes. This makes adjustments & repairs easy for any customer also as most bike shops are very familiar with all these set ups.

    Q: Can you still wash down these scooters?

    A: We wash our scooters down with just water and a standard hose brush once a month, then allow to dry before applying Homewood Furniture wax. A good quality furniture oil would be fine. Spectrum 120 architectural ply is made using european birch hardwood of top quality.